Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Evergood Sausage Now In Stock At US Foodservice San Francisco

Evergood Sausage Company (Est. 6068) is a medium sized sausage and smoked deli meat processor committed to producing high quality products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

Since the company was founded in 1926, the emphasis has always been to produce products of the highest quality. In today's marketplace, that requires highly trained personnel working with state of the art equipment. The past three years have seen a complete renovation of the raw processing area, installation of 3 new automated sausage lines and 2 new full washdown packaging lines.

In 1992, Richard Bower joined Evergood to lead the Quality program and develop a HACCP program in conjunction with USDA as part of the USDA HACCP Pilot Program for Skinless Franks. In addition to a BS and MS in Food Science, Richard brought with him over 20 years of Food Industry Quality Control experience. He was promoted to Plant Manager in 1994. He continues to use his quality background to improve product quality and operational plant sanitation.

Assisting Richard is QC Manager, Christopher Ham. He is a graduate from the University of California at Davis with a degree in Food Science. Chris came to Evergood in 2000 with a fresh set of eyes and enthusiasm to make this the best possible Quality program.

The QC Team monitors all aspects of the Quality program. From incoming raw materials to finished product evaluations the team makes certain that every quality attribute is met at each step in the operation. The basis of the Quality program began with the old USDA voluntary Total Quality Control (TQC) program. Evergood operated under the TQC program for nearly a decade before USDA phased out the program in favor of HACCP.

The basis of the TQC program was adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices. The GMPs detail the requirements for food plant sanitation and employee sanitary practices. In addition to the GMPs a set of Sanitary Standard Operation Procedures were developed to detail how employees should work in a sanitary manner but also the frequency and procedures to be used to clean all plant equipment. Once these programs were in place, it was time to implement HACCP. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program provides a rigorous and detailed evaluation of the product and process, identifying those points in the process that will impact the consumer safety of the product. Once critical control points are identified, procedures are developed to monitor the process at these points to assure product integrity and safety. The HACCP program has led to significant improvements to the process, which resulted in a more consistent, higher quality product.

Because of the flexibility of our manufacturing operation and our limited finished product storage area, most of the products are manufactured, cooked and packaged the same day. Getting the product into the finished package helps to extend the shelf life of the product. Since none of our products stay in our warehouse more than a few days, our customers are guaranteed to get fresh product with maximum remaining shelf life.

Evergood Sausage Co. continues to strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products available in the market today. Old World Smoked and Cooked Sausages. Since 1926, Evergood Sausage Company continues its fine tradition manufacturing only the finest natural casing sausage products in the market today. Evergood uses only the finest raw materials and spices to produce its sausages from Original recipes crafted by founder, Jacob Rauscher, a master sausage maker from Bavaria.

British Bangers 200 5/1
Polish Sausage (Kielbasa) 242 4/1
Louisiana Hot Links 210 4/1

Evergood Sausage Company and its “award wiener” Old Fashioned Frankfurter is a San Francisco tradition. This tender frankfurter cooked in a natural casing and then smoked is the ultimate hot dog delight! Evergood is the proud manufacturer of Kasper’s Legendary Hot Dogs.

Old Fashioned Beef Frank 8"
Coney Island Style
132 6/1

Evergood Sausage Company has developed one of the finest “All Beef Skinless Frankfurters” in our industry. This product has been a consumer favorite in the Northern California market area since 1926. Like the old days we only use the freshest raw materials available (fresh beef and fresh trimmings) and is
naturally smoked with hardwood chips. Flavor and mouth feel separate our product from our competition. We are very proud of this product, as we know you will be.

Skinless Beef Franks 8" 107 7/1


Anonymous said...

What stores carry your Kielbasa? I live in northern Idaho 20 miles from Spokane Washington. Costco used to carry them but has discontinued for now. Love those Sausages. Gene Retter

Bob said...

For unknown reasons Costco again makes another bad decision by discontinuing carring yuour Kielbasa 4.5 lb. product. i live in the Sacramento, CA area does anyone still carry this item? Costco has definately moved away from the business industry.