Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stay Tuned For Double Meat Tuesdays

City Hall Watch: Mondays now meat-free in The City
By: Joshua Sabatini
Examiner Staff Writer
April 6, 2010

Monday in San Francisco is officially the meat-free day of the week.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved legislation Tuesday declaring the first day of the week meat-free Mondays, now known as Vegetarian Day or Veg Day.

“With this resolution, San Francisco can join the growing list of communities that have taken action to encourage citizens to choose vegetarian foods as a way to protect the planet and their health,” said Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, a vegetarian for 40 years who introduced the resolution.

As first reported by The Examiner on Tuesday, the legislation urges “all restaurants, grocery stores and schools to offer a greater variety of plant-based options to improve the health of San Francisco residents and visitors and to increase the awareness of the impact a green diet would be on our planet.”

San Francisco resident Abigail Wick supported the board taking a stand on a green diet.

“It promotes a healthier environment and also a healthier body politic,” Wick said.

Eating less meat “reduces serious ecological problems involved in livestock production” and “plant-based diets are good preventative medicine and could help reduce medical costs,” the resolution said.

Also on Tuesday, the board unanimously approved a resolution, introduced by Maxwell, commending those San Francisco businesses that use only eggs from cage-free chickens.

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