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Crab Feed FAQ’s
Q. How many pounds of crab will I need?
A. Figure at least 2 pounds per person of gross weight. This equals one pound per person after it has been cleaned and cracked. Order more if you expect people to eat more than their share, or if they are serving themselves.

Q. What should I do with leftover crab? A. You can always bag them up and sell them at the end of the feed, or raffle them off as raffle prizes, so that you are not stuck with the remaining crab.

Q. What is green crab?
A. Green crab is crab that is weighed before it has been cooked. Make sure that you are comparing apples with apples when pricing. Some purveyors quote on green crab, which will be a lesser amount for your dollar, because you are paying for the weight before it is cooked. You lose approximately 15%, so you will be paying for product that you don't really receive. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Q. What do I need for a crab feed?
A. Here is a list of possible items:
Crab picks
Cocktail sauce
Cioppino sauce
Shrimp meat
Raffle tickets
Hall rental
Raffle prizes
Music / D.J.
Bags /Containers
Trash cans

Q. How much cocktail sauce do I need?
A. Approximately one gallon (128 oz.) per 64 people. This is based on an average of two ounces per person.

Q. How far in advance of the event do I need to place my order?
A. One week (a few rare exceptions are available - ask your sales consultant).

Q. Can I get a Saturday delivery?
A. Yes, for orders over 1,000 pounds. Otherwise, we will deliver on regularly scheduled delivery days. You may also 'will call' (pick up) your product during regular business hours.

Q. What is an average price for a crab feed ticket?
A. $20.00 - $25.00

Q. When ordering crab, how come I pay for 2 pounds then receive only 1 pound?
A. You pay for the whole crab, which weighs 2 pounds (approximately). Then after we clean and crack it, and discard the waste, you are left with one pound of finished crab, ready to eat.

Q. What is the best way to sell tickets?
A. Advertise! Word-of-mouth, flyers, use the people in your organization to sell tickets.

Q. How do I advertise?
A. Flyers, newspaper, word-of-mouth.

Q. Do I pay for my crabs when I receive them?
A. Yes (there are some exceptions - ask your sales consultant).

Q. Is there a preferred day or time to have a crab feed?
A. Generally, evenings / dinner are best (Friday or Saturday nights)

Q. What type of raffle prizes draws most interest?
A. Anything from cars to vacations, golf equipment, lobsters, etc.

Q. How many people does it take to run a crab feed?
A. Depends on how many people you have planning to attend. Some suggested crab feed roles are:
Pasta person
Crab - 2
Salads - 2
Ice cream

Beverage sales

Q. How do the crabs come packed? Will the boxes leak?
A. The crabs come packed in shipper boxes lined with plastic. The crabs will be covered with ice. The plastic lining keeps the boxes from leaking.

Q. If I have extra crab left over, what should I charge for them? A. You should charge at least what you paid for them, if not a little more.

Q. Which is better: serving the people buffet style, or allowing the people to serve themselves?
A. If you are serving the people, you maintain control over portions. If they serve themselves, it can (and will) turn into an all-you-can-eat event.

Q. If I want to sell alcohol, where do I apply for a license and what will it cost? A. It varies by area. Check with your local City Hall

Q. What other types of foods should I serve?
A. Some suggestions might be salads, pasta, prawns. clams, clam chowder, fruit plates, veggie plates, etc.

Q. When is the latest I can add to my crab order if I know more people are attending than originally anticipated?
A. That Monday morning (if feed is on Friday) - generally 5 days before. Contact your sales consultant for emergencies.

Q. Which would generate more revenue, a crab feed or a Cioppino feed?
A. Both are equally good for creating revenue.

Q. What about cooking preparations?
A. Normally, the Dungeness crab is chilled and ready to serve, right out of the box. It's very easy - preparation is kept to a minimum.

Q. What does the cleaned and cracked crab look like?
A. Usually they come 1/2 bodies with legs attached, cracked and ready to go.

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