Monday, October 26, 2009

Peanut Growers See Good Crop This Year

PORTALES, N.M. — The peanut harvest is at its halfway mark, and growers are saying this year's yield in eastern New Mexico and West Texas ranks from average to good.

The harvest began in September and most peanuts are expected to be in before Thanksgiving.

Sunland Inc. chief executive Jimmie Shearer says the growers in West Texas that produce peanuts for his company have been seeing above-average yields. He says had the fields received rain in early August, the yield might have set a record.

Roosevelt County peanut farmer Dee Brown is hearing reports of good yield and quality, but he said his crop suffered from hail this year.

Growers say they are working to get the rest of the peanuts out of the field before frost hits.

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