Saturday, April 14, 2007

One-Stop Shopping

Specialty Divisions & Companies

Next Day Gourmet
The company has a supply and equipment division Next Day Gourmet which offers direct order and online purchasing of S&E equipment. Next Day Gourmet provides restaurant startup equipment order fulfillment through the local distribution facility and sales representative.

Monarch Foods

To further boost sales growth in the broadline division, U.S. Foodservice will pare its portfolio of 60 private-label brands down to 20. A new unit within the broadline division, called Monarch Foods, will focus on these "power brands." Robert Aiken, currently working on marketing and supply chain efforts for U.S. Foodservice, will head Monarch Foods.

Alliant Logistics
US Foodservice is launching the formation of Alliant Logistics. This formation a "company within a company" is designed to allow US Foodservice to take full advantage of its logistics network, increase customer support and better leverage the organization's position in the market place. This model will incorporate the development of regional logistics centers in Rosemont, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona and Ft. Mill, South Carolina.

Stock Yards

In February 2000, Stock Yards Packing was sold to U.S. Foodservice. U.S. Foodservice owned seven other custom meat cutters at the time and wanted to add a company with a solid reputation to its mix. Other pluses in acquiring Stock Yards were that company's strong management and labor force; their excellent customer service; reputation for high-quality products; and the fact that Stock Yards was a Certified Angus Beef distributor. Dan Pollack stated at the time of the acquisition that he hoped to use Stock Yard’s expertise to streamline and standardize the meat cutting operations of U.S. Foodservice.

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