Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ginger Shrimp Spring Rolls $5.99

A heaping plate of Wild Pacific Shrimp Spring Rolls, bursting with ginger flavor. Served with a sweet chili dipping sauce.

Great appetizer item! Approximately ½ oz each, yet nearly 4” long for great plate coverage. Hand rolled ginger shrimp lumpia with a generous shrimp tail hanging out one end. With a portion cost of only $.13 each, an appetizer plate of 10 will only cost $1.30 add another $.20 for garnish, and you are taking $4.50 to the bank with every order!

Ingredients: Wild caught pacific shrimp (P&D tail-on), fresh ginger, sesame oil, fish meat, soy sauce, and delicate oriental spring roll wrapper. No preservatives. No MSG.

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Anonymous said...

Wow !!!What a great product. Who represents this fine item.

Brian Isaeff said...

Please feel free to contact Brian directly at (831) 601-6398!