Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chef Clean

His pots and pans gleam, his ingredients sparkle. For Chef Clean, running a tight ship isn't enough — it also has to be spotless

Chef Clean likes things clean. Very clean. Color-coded cutting boards, cleaning products, chamois cloths to polish stainless-steel surfaces, motorized sanders to remove carbon deposits from the range —
Chef Clean’s Kitchen, represents a completely new vision of the way kitchens should be cleaned and cared for. Visiting it requires a visual adjustment. You won't find knife bags, those symbols of the profession that can be as battered as a fifth-grade lunchbox and as pungent as old sneakers. Instead, you'll see custom-made wooden slots to hold knives that each cook is issued.

A commercial Kitchen requires regular cleaning. There are many pieces of equipment and surfaces that require thorough cleaning.

US Foodservice San Francisco partners with Puritan Services to provide everything you need to achieve superior dishwashing and kitchen cleaning results.
Our products and systems address every variable from water hardness to soil load. We meet the unique demands of your operation with leading-edge formulations in a variety of pack sizes.
Products include:
Dishmachine Detergents Rinse Additives Pot and Pan
Silverware Presoaks Sanitizers
Kitchen Cleaning
We also offer a wide variety of specialty cleaners formulated to attack the toughest kitchen soils.
Products include:
Oven and Fryer Cleaners Drain Cleaners Specialty Cleaners

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