Thursday, June 3, 2010

34th Annual Monterey Wine Festival

It's here! Begining next Thursday night at the Aquarium is 34th Annual Monterey Wine Festival.

June 10th , 2010 - Monterey Bay Aquarium 7:30 -10:30 pm
Prepare to thoroughly enjoy a night at the Monterey Bay Aquarium unlike any other! When the doors of the Grand Tasting open at The Monterey Bay Aquarium guests will receive a commemorative wine glass and be welcomed to a world class venue unlike any other for discovering new wines and sipping cellar favorites too! Enjoy the ability to choose from over 400 wines and sample the fantastic fare of local restaurants and national gourmet food manufacturers - all the while you visit the incredible marine displays of The Monterey Bay Aquarium. It really is a magical experience at The Monterey Bay Aquarium. Enjoy the Oyster Bar with a great pinot gris! You'll savor and delight in the flavors of California and beyond. Master sommeliers will be available to answer questions. Whether you are in the industry, a wine enthusiast or on your way to becoming one this event is not to be missed! You'll find that next great wine buy and discover new eating establishments that will temp your taste buds and end up on your dining calendar.
All samples of food and wine included in the ticket price.

June 11th 5 - 8 pm New Releases and More at the Monterey Conference Center!

Prepare to continue your celebration of fantastic wines and gourmet food offerings at the Monterey Conference Center. A night of new releases and past best of the barrels will highlight wineries accomplishments for the guests palate! These new releases are always a cause for celebration and what better place to sip, savor and swirl than the beautiful Monterey Conference Center? This combination of world-class wine, a silent wine auction, and of course exquisite gourmet offerings, make this a not to be missed happening. You'll have the opportunity to taste hundreds of different wines,meet,talk and learn from some of the world's most knowledgeable wine experts in an enjoyable environment.
Live music will act as a backdrop and a place to relax with fellow wine enthusiasts on the tasting room floor. Wine enthusiasts and food lovers will savor and remember the flavors they experienced at the Monterey Wine Festival long after the doors to the Conference Center are closed.
All samples of food and wine included in ticket price.
New this year.....The "B's" of wine.."Best of Class."
Test your knowledge: While at the festival you'll be able to test your wine tasting skills with the experts! One of our expert wine judges and sommeliers will have a variety of wines that they've "judged." See how close you come to their choices for Best of Class and more.

June 12th Noon - 3 p.m at the Monterey Conference Center.

New this year.... The C's of wine, or should we say Sea's?

Nothing tastes as great as exceptional seafood and a fantastic pinot gris or beautiful white wine. At this first ever happening you'll be able to taste the seas - chowder to be judged for the Best of the Best Chowder Competition. Our panel of judges will choose their pick and you'll be able to try them too while you sip on some fantastic wines and other gourmet offerings! Sorry limited to 300 people.

About the Monterey Wine Festival
Drawn by a combination of world-class wine, educational seminars presented by industry leaders, cooking demonstrations by distinguished chefs, a live wine auction, and exquisite dining, the festival has expanded to include more than 125 California wineries and more than 3,000 wine lovers. Sample from over 400 wines and enjoy a gastronomic delight with fine cuisine from local restaurants.

You will have the opportunity to taste more than 1,000 different wines, and meet, talk with, and learn from some of the worlds most knowledgeable wine experts.

Whether wine is your livelihood, your avocation, your hobby, or just something you'd like to learn more about, the Monterey Wine Festival is for you.

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