Wednesday, April 22, 2009

US Foodservice Going Beyond The Plate

I was talking with Dawn Magiri, owner of the Grower's Pub restaurant in Salinas and she made a comment about "anytime you deal with a product that is dying-like food you are in risky business".

Pat Ottone, owner of LALLApalooza, Ellie's Great American, and the LALLAgrill says there are about 100 things that can go wrong for a customer between walking into a restaurant and walking out. These are true statements even in a good economy but what can a restaurant operator do to stay afloat during a down economy?

US News And World Report just published this article:

Yes, You Can Start a Restaurant in a Down Economy

In an industry so unforgiving, what's the recipe for starting a restaurant in a recession?

So you're thinking about opening a restaurant. The allure of fame and fortune seduces you, your love of food drives you, and you want to heat up your life in an exciting industry. That's all fine and well--just as long as you make sure the flame isn't turned up too high. Even in a healthy economy, the restaurant failure rate tells a grim tale, but in a recession, the industry is even more unforgiving. Expensive food spoils, labor costs are high, restaurant-goers are harder to come by, restaurants close and life goes on. Read the full story here.

Who you partner with during trying times can make a big difference as well. US Foodservice San Francisco offers a suite of services that go beyond the plate to assist their customers to remain profitable.

Services include menu analysis, menu design, website design and email marketing programs, server training, and the original "beyond food" offering through the Foodservice Advantage Club.

But why be content just to survive when US Foodservice is offering their partners a chance to thrive? Check out the three regional seminar they offer over the next 3 months. Truely going beyond the plate!

For More Information About Helping Your Foodservice Establishment Thrive Contact .

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