Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nepenthe Celebrates 60 Years

Tomorrow night the celebration kicks off Big Sur style at Nepenthe. Friday they celebrate the 60 anniversary of Nepenthe Restaurant

The Salinas Californian ran this article yesterday:

Sixty years ago, the first bite of the first Ambrosiaburger hit the first grateful taste bud.

Nepenthe Restaurant celebrates that bit of history Friday with food, drink, music and dance.

"When we opened in 1949, that Ambrosiaburger was 50 cents. Now it's $14," said Kirk Gafill,

Willy Nelson-right-Is Still Cooking At Nepenthe

general manager and a member of the family that owns the landmark, cliff-top restaurant overlooking the ocean.

"Coffee was a nickel a cup. People thought that was outrageous."

"Nepenthe" is from a Greek word meaning "No sorrow."

Visitors journey the 28 miles of Highway 1 from Carmel to the restaurant not only to experience "no sorrow" and to sample the Ambrosiaburgers but to stand stunned - and often sun-baked - in the presence of an overpowering confluence of sea, sky and shore. Read the full story here.

Or go directly to the Nepenthe. website and click on the 60th anniversary link.

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