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Monterey Peninsula Sustainable Product Showcase

US Foodservice San Francisco, the only Food Distributor that is a Bay Area Certified Green Business, hosted a sustainable product showcase April 14th at the Kula Ranch Island Steakhouse in Marina.

Joe Loeffler Owner of Kula Ranch Island Steakhouse

The location for the show was Kula Ranch Island Steakhouse which is literally in the sand dunes that back up to Marina State Beach. "Kula made sense" said Brian Isaeff, Territory Manager of US Foodservice. "They have shown a commitment to using sustainable and locally grown ingredients and have taken an agressive approach to using disposables that are either made from recycled materials or are easily recycled or composted. And to go a step further than that the city of Marina where they reside is a model of business and community working together to promote harmony with thier surrounding."

Monterey Dunes

The Monterey Dunes are a globally unique ecosystem that stretches from the mouth of the Pajaro River south to Monterey. It is home to many plant and animal species listed by federal and

Tom Kraft of Norpac Seafood Receives Seafood Fresh From The Islands For The Show Literally Minutes Before The Show Starts. Go Brown

state agencies as threatened or endangered such as Smith’s Blue Butterfly, Black Legless Lizard, and Monterey Spineflower. All of Marina’s Coastal zone falls within this range, and historically there have been strong sentiments throughout the local community to protect, preserve and enjoy these natural treasurers. This strong local commitment to the natural habitat continues today.

In 1986, the City of Marina approved the development of two hotels along this unique coastal dune habitat. The Ventana Chapter of the Sierra Club contested this development in the Coastal Zone and reached a settlement with the City and two developers that created a trust fund for habitat protection, restoration, and improvements. The two hotels pay a transient occupancy tax (TOT) of $0.35 per occupied room per night into the fund. Since 1986, five more hotels have been built in Marina’s Coastal Zone and also pay the TOT into the fund.

The program entailed the eradication of ice plant and the planting of native dune species in the hope that eventually these dunes will be returned to their pristine condition. It also necessitated the protection of rare birds as the Snowy Plover as well as providing buckwheat for the Smith’s Blue Butterfly.

To cut down on noise and air pollution guests at the Sanctuary Beach Resort, where Kula Ranch Island Steakhouse is located, are provided with golf carts and are informed that their cars are to be left in the parking lot.

Chef Darryl Rose Was Oversaw The Preparation Of Sustainable Products In His Kitchen

Additional provisions in the two settlement agreements seeded the Habitat Conservation Fund with $29,000, and established a task force to create the Marina Dunes Habitat Conservation Plan and Environmental Assessment to guide use of the trust fund. The task force, comprised of more than 40 landowners, government officials, professional experts, community organizations, and local citizens, met 118 times over five years to create a draft of the plan in 1991. However due to the redirection of community attention to reuse of Fort Ord land, the Dunes Habitat Plan was never finalized or approved. Many of its components, however, were incorporated into the Fort Ord Reuse Authority’s Habitat Conservation Plan and as amendments to Marina’s Local Coastal Plan and Coastal Implementation Program.

The cooperative spirit demonstrated by Tim Jensen (MPRPD), Joey Dorrell-Canepa (Beach Garden Project), Rita Dalessio and

The Tables Were Brimming With Cheeses And Fresh Baked Artisian Breads

Steve Zmak (Ventana Chapter), Michael Stamp (Chapter attorney), Christi Di Iorio and Elizabeth Caraker (City of Marina), and Ken Buchert (City attorney) is a model for how conservation groups and municipalities can work together to achieve conservation goals.

The Show

As you drive up the brick-paved entry of the Resort, and circle around to the palm tree lined entry to Kula Ranch Island Steakhouse, you begin to feel the Hawaiian Paniolo feeling of the Islands.

The beautifully remodeled Kula Ranch, run by local restaurateur Joe Loeffler features a soothing Island feel.

There Was Anticipation And Palpable Excitement From The Broker Community Prior To The Show

Executive Chef Darroll Rose (formerly of Fresh Cream Restaurant) has developed an enticing menu of Pacific Rim inspired fresh seafood, steaks, prime rib, exciting Sushi Bar creations, exotic salads and fabulous appetizers and desserts.

Two Island inspired separate dining rooms are available for private Parties of 20-80 guests. Both rooms feature access to their own outside patio areas for expansive views of the sanctuary guarded dunes and blue pacific.

Vendors on hand showing their sustainable wares included:

Access Group
Bay Brokerage
Cambells Classic Tureen Soup
Cottage Bakery
Cross Valley Farms Produce
CleanFish Sustainable Seafood
East Bay POS
Icelandic Seafood
Lad Foodservice
Norpac Seafood
Pacific West Marketing
Peets Coffee
Sara Lee Organic Coffee
Stockyards Meat Packing of Chicago
Unilever BestFoods
US Foodservice Business Development Department

The show was attended by 60 customers-more than 100 people representing the Central Coast from Santa Cruz, down to Big Sur and as far east as Las Banos.

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