Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pizza Maker Heads To The White House

BARACK Obama liked a restaurant’s pizzas so much he has flown the chef 850 miles to make some at the White House.

The US President got a taste for Chris Sommers’ pizza while campaigning in St Louis, Missouri, last year.

After Mr Obama’s election win, Chris offered to deliver frozen pizzas to the White House but was told he couldn’t because of security concerns.

So Obama’s personal aide, Reggie Love arranged to have Sommers bring suitcases full of pizza pans, cheese, 20 pounds of dough and three gallons of sauce, at the pizza chef’s own expense, to the White House kitchen. He and his business partner were cooking there today.

"It's surreal,” Summers, 33, told People. “It's a huge honor.”

Not everyone thinks so. Obama hails from a town that takes pride in its pizza.

The Chicago Tribune today quotes Marc Malnati, owner of 30 Lou Malnati's Pizzerias across the Chicago area, reacting to Obama’s Missouri pizza selection:

"I like his economic policy — I think he's going to get us out of trouble. I like his foreign policy — he's making friends around the world. His pizza policy is going to have to change.”

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