Friday, November 7, 2008

Roseli Brand Fire Roasted Red Pepper

The Roseli Brand Fire Roasted Red Pepper (USPN# 4326492) is a true fire roasted pepper...there are pieces of charred skin still on the product just like it would have been done in a Italian kitchen...the Bellagio Italian Style Red Roasted Pepper (USPN# 8348138) uses a process that cleans the pepper totally clean leaving a more processed appearance.

Roseli Brand fire roasted red peppers are grown domestically. Because we have two distinct locations for growing and processing on opposite coasts, this gives us the ability to overcome weather-related problems. We can shift production from coast to coast when necessary.

Production Facilities:
Santa Paula, California
Dunn, North Carolina

Additionally, the vast majority of our peppers are contracted with growers directly. We do not depend primarily on the open market to source raw product.

Our raw product is grown just for processing, therefore the best quality raw product is canned -- not sold as produce. We specialize in peppers -- it isn't a sideline.

Ingredients? Bell peppers, water, citric acid and salt.

Imported peppers typically have a much lower drained weight than American packed products.

Example of imported peppers:
Maria Brand =Peru
Roland =Spain
La Romanella =Spain

In fact there was nearly 2 ounces more product per can in the Roseli product in the cans we opened compared to the Maria brand. That’s like getting a free can for every case you purchase!

We did find that there were more whole peppers in the Bellagio brand Italian Roasted Red Peppers, so for a stuffing application this is the product the product to use.

Did You Know?

California’s warm days, cool nights and predictable rainfall produces America’s highest quality pimientos and bell peppers.

May is National Pimiento Month. It was designated so by the Governor of California to honor California pimiento growers.

Elvis’ favorite meal is said to have been a hamburger topped with red pepper cheese spread.

Mix an 8 oz. bag of shredded sharp cheddar, 3 oz. of mayonnaise and 4 oz. jar of drained Roseli Fire Roasted Red Peppers. You’ve just made the perfect red pepper cheese spread for bread, crackers or vegetables.

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