Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Farm Raised Catfish

Noted food critic Craig Claiborne swears farm-raised catfish are the finest freshwater fish in North America. In fact, catfish have been served to numerous dignitaries ranging from Prince Charles to assembled Western Leaders.

Catfish farms produce genetically superior catfish that are cultivated for size, flavor and texture. Once mature, they are loaded live from the ponds and released into the processing plant, still swimming. Now that's fresh!

Featured on this weeks Fresh Seafood Flyer: 11/3 through 11/8

Farm-Raised Catfish Filets Item # 5403589 10lb.avg.
These all white meat fillets are skinless and hand cut.

Farm-raised, grain-fed catfish is far superior to his muddy river cousin. Scientifically-bred and carefully tended, he has all but acquired a pedigree now that Gourmet magazine rates him the third-best-selling fish in America.

Higher in protein than most meats, farm-raised freshwater catfish is becoming exceedingly popular among health-conscious American diners-and with good reason. Not only is catfish low in cholesterol, fat and calories, he also rates high in aesthetic appeal since he has no fishy smell. It is also nutritious, healthy and downright delicious.

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