Friday, November 21, 2008

The Extortionist Shut Down

Jarek Molski filed more than 400 complaints against businesses claiming violations of ADA accomodations. Here on the Central Coast he put Roy's Drive In out of Business back in 2004.

His was a numbers racket speculated an LA Times article. File enough complaints and some would settle out of court without a fight in order to avoid lengthy, costly trials. Similar to the way a telemarketer phone tree works, if you keep on dialing eventually you get a hit.

After he finished working the businesses in Salinas he moved on to Carmel where he sued eight businesses for $1.5 Million dollars, according to the Monterey Herald.

U.S. District Judge Edward Rafeedie, who has since died, branded Molski a "hit-and-run plaintiff," accusing him of systematic extortion of businesses across California. After he tried to sue a Chinese Restaurant owner in Solvang California the Judge barred him from filing anymore suits. Now the court has refused to hear his appeals.

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