Sunday, November 23, 2008

Frozen Vegetables Are Good For You

Somewhere in California every day of the year a potato is being grown, no other state can say that."

That is how the story on Peace Corps on-line began, about Tom and Meredith Sayles Hughes who met in the peace corp and founded the Food Museum.

The internet is a wonderful place. I had a specific topic I was searching, but fortuitously my search wasn't specific enough and I have found a gold mine of great vegetable articles.

First I stumbled across a Harvard Buisness History Review Article about the history of frozen vegetables. At first a convienance product marketed only to the wealthy. The product was fresher than fresh unless you own your own farm. A bay area company introduced a "B" grade product into the market to compete on price. This drove the entire frozen veg market down, but introduced the product to a wider number of consumers.

Along the lines of frozen vegetable marketing I was in the frozen food section the other day and saw the new line of "Health Blends" from the Green Giant.

Norman Ernest Borlaug
(born March 25, 1914) is an American agricultural scientist. During the mid-20th century, Borlaug led the introduction of his grain and modern agricultural production techniques to Mexico, Pakistan, and India. Borlaug is often credited with saving over a billion people from starvation. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 in recognition of his contributions to world peace through increasing food supply.

Now with 30 minutes of my life gone, 30 minutes that I'll never get back, Im heading back to google!

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