Friday, November 28, 2008

Gingersnap Crusted Lamb Loin Medallions With Brandied Fig Sauce

Catherine Wilkinson's Gingersnap Crusted Lamb Loin Medallions with Brandied Fig Sauce quickly rose to the top of the "Best American Lamb Family Recipe Contest" for its seasonal inspiration, originality and savvy use of a budget-friendly American Lamb cut. Hailing from Dewey, Arizona, Catherine's winning American Lamb recipe is a family favorite that has been served for many holiday meals in her home.

Enjoyed by the whole family, Catherine's impressive American Lamb dish is easy enough to prepare that she has time to spend with family and friends. When her grown children come home for the holidays the "always ask for the Gingersnap Lamb" and still participate in crushing the gingersnaps in the recipe, a tradition since they were young. Catherine and her family all agree, the Gingersnap Crusted Lamb Loin Medallions with Brandied Fig Sauce is"definitely part of our family traditions during the holidays."

As the competition winner Catherine will receive a Cast Iron Cookware Set made by American Lambassador Chef Tim Love and an American Lamb cut of choice to serve a family of 6.

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