Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Star Ranch Natural Angus Ground Chuck

Why Natural Makes A Difference
Natural beef is a healthy, safe choice for those who prefer a natural product. Cattle raised naturally are not fed animal by-products or injected with stimulants. This results in healthier, leaner cattle, which produces healthier, leaner beef.

At Star Ranch Foods, they select high-quality Angus cattle fed a strict diet of only grass and grain and raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. We keep our production processes to an absolute minimum. So you can rest assured you are serving your family only what nature intended, and nothing less than the most delicious beef on the market today.

The Star Ranch Definition Of Natural
• No added hormones
• No added antibiotics
• Fed a 100% grass and grain diet
• No artificial ingredients
• Minimally Processed
• Traceable to place of birth
• Source Verified

This definition goes above and beyond the criteria set by the USDA, because we understand that the word natural means more to you and your family than simple processing standards.

Beyond the basic characteristics of natural products, Star Ranch Foods has dedicated itself to delivering a consistently positive eating experience and an assurance of product quality.

Star Ranch Natural Angus Ground Chuck is served locally at the LallaGrill in Monterey, and Elli's Great American Restaurant in Salinas.

It is available from US Foodservice San Francisco under product number 4993903.

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