Friday, September 19, 2008

Intense™ Premium Roma Tomato Now Available At US Foodservice San Francisco

Starting Monday, we will be stocking a brand new variety of roma tomatoes. They are known as "Intense 1" Premium Roma tomatoes. They have less gel, and more meat then the average Roma tomato. They are also more attractive, easier to process, and are overall higher quality.

These tomatoes are BRAND NEW to the market and have only been available for a few weeks. Intense™ was first launched in early 2007, in Spain and is currently being produced in the Mediterranean area. The main focus consumer markets are in Western Europe and Northern-America. To supply the US market the program was launched in Mexico. They are grown in Baja currently, and will be grown in mainland Mexico starting in late December.

I have attached a few pictures for comparison.

They will be featured on next week's produce flyer at a very low price.

APN# 8305385 Premium Roma Tomatoes
2008 PMA Foodservice Conference & Exposition in Monterey, CA
Nunhems’ Intense Tomato Honored for Foodservice Innovation

Nunhems Vegetables Seeds’ Intense tomato is the winner of the prestigious Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) Buyer’s Choice Award at the 2008 PMA Foodservice Conference & Exposition.

The award, voted on by hundreds of operators, distributors, chefs and wholesalers from around the country, recognizes the Intense tomato’s foodservice-friendly attributes, including significantly less gel, firmer flesh, and intense red color. These traits allow the Intense to be easily and uniformly sliced, diced or cut without losing its fresh appearance.

This award is extra special because it is voted on by those who actually use the product,” says Brian Bengard, Nunhems Downstream Specialist. “It validates our efforts to fully understand the wants and needs of the entire supply chain, then identify or develop seed varieties that fulfill those requirements.”

According to Bengard, the Intense retains its moisture up to ten times longer than other Roma-type tomatoes, making it perfect for popular foodservice prepared foods such as sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, pizza, salsa, and salad, but also well suited to processing and fresh-cut applications.

The award was officially announced by PMA president Bryan Silbermann Saturday, July 26 at the Opening General Session of the 2008 PMA Foodservice Conference & Exposition in Monterey, California.

This is the Intense tomato’s second major award for product innovation. Early this year, it was awarded the Innovation Award at Fruit Logistica, one of Europe’s largest fresh produce trade shows.

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