Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Size Matters

At First glance the $5.00-$6.00 per case savings by purchasing a bargain fry seems like a good deal, however the yield costs don't add up.

Quite frankly a longer french fry is better. Longer fries provide better plate coverage. Bargain fries will have more short strips, which can be a hidden cost to you.

Remember profitability is pounds translated into number of servings. We get additional servings by purchasing high quality fries, which equals more servings, less waste, more profit, and happier more satisfied customers.

French Fry Profit Calculator
In a french fry comparison cutting this week we opened, counted, and cooked 5 cases each of an extra long, low moisture french fry versus 5 cases of line flow french fries.

The 5 cases of Extra Long Fancy Fries provided 450 servings*
The 5 cases of Line flow French Fries provided 375 servings*

Extra Long $27.00/case
450 Servings x $2.50 retail price =$1125.00
Minus Cost of Product $ 135.00
Equals =$ 990.00 per case profit

Line Flow $16.00 case
375 Servings x $2.50 retail price =$937.50
Minus Cost of Product $ 80.00
Equals =$857.50

That is $132.50 more profit, by using the higher priced fry, for every 5 cases sold. If even an average volume restaurateur is selling about 15 case per week that equals $397.50 per week, or $20,670 per year..in additional profit!

*Serving used for this test was 1/3 lb.

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