Monday, December 15, 2008

USDA Certified Stockyards Angus Beef Program

This USDA Certified Stockyards Angus Beef Program was launched this week in the San Francisco Bay Area. This Premium Beef Program features 12 items available for next day delivery up to 6 days per week.

What makes this program special are the rigid specifications. The cattle are all Mid-Western grain fed cattle. They are USDA inspected, graded in the upper 2/3rds Choice range and USDA Certified.

Why Stockyards Angus Beef?
• Continues our tradition of consistently delivering a phenomenal eating experience
• Only the finest beef products deserve the Stock Yards® brand
• Superior meat quality based on rigid specifications
• Highest USDA Choice beef (upper 2/3rds of Choice)
• Celebrates the culmination of over 110 years of Stock Yards® experience
• Honors our heritage as an international Purveyor of Quality Meats

Why A Stockyards Angus Beef Program?
The #1 reason consumers eat beef is the flavor
• Angus breed produces consistently high quality, flavorful beef
• Angus breed is the largest beef breed in the world
• With so many beef selection programs, the best beef is harder to get
• Overall quality of other beef available is declining

Why Is Stockyards Angus Beef Special
• USDA certified – Schedule G-22
• Rigid, science based product specifications
• Stock Yards aging specifications

Verifications For Specifications
USDA Grading Service verifies and guarantees that all beef carcasses selected for this program meet or exceed specifications for marbling, yield grade, Angus breed selection, and age maturity.

Proper Aging
Proper aging equals time and temperature controls. All meat is wet aged in vacuum sealed bags at 34-36 degrees. All meat is aged to the minimum requirements for maximum flavor and tenderness.

High Quality • Only the top 8% of graded beef%2

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