Monday, November 9, 2009

What's Really In The Can?

In the United States there is a common phrase used for Italian style canned tomatoes. The phrase is "San Marzano style" which means an Italian whole peeled pear tomato with a sweet flavor and a soft texture. The characteristics of this style tomato are achieved in the way the tomatoes are processed.

Italian canned tomato processors are not allowed to use a firming agent called calcium chloride in their production. The result is a sweeter tomato with a soft texture that cooks down quickly and preserves a truer tomato flavor. Canned tomatoes in the San Marzano style are believed to be of the highest quality.

Here in the US processors commonly use calcium chloride in their whole peeled tomato production. This firming agent adds additional yield to each can packed, while stripping the tomato of its true sweet flavor and soft texture.

This is not the case at US Foodservice San Francisco. They proudly feature a whole peeled tomato product in the true San Marzano style. It is the fresh packed Roseli Whole Peeled Pear Tomato in Natural Juice San Marzano Style USPN# 8330169 6/#10. You will find this Roseli tomato to be sweet in flavor, soft in texture, and packed in slightly thicker juice than standard canned tomato. These characteristics are invaluable to producing the high quality spaghetti sauces and Italian dishes our customers demand. The qualities of our Roseli tomatoes far exceed tomato products offered by our competitors.

Just ask Dean and Debbie Young at Classic Catering who switched to this product and has enjoyed the quality since. Or Mike Hackett at Casa Sorrento Pizzeria who feels this fresh pack, non-chemical added tomato makes the difference in his sauce.

Please contact Brian Isaeff at (831) 601-6398 to compare Roseli products versus your tomato products.

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