Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chef Steve Salle's Turkey Tips

Cooking the turkey has been a mystery for many. Here are a few chef tips from Steve Salle, Culinary Director at US Foodservice San Francisco that might shine a little light on the subject.

Cook turkey to 165 internal temp ( over cooking will reduce your yield)…..let rest for 20 minutes before slicing ( this is very important for two reasons)…first the meat needs to climb to 170-175 for food safety.
Second Reasons….this will allow the juices to go back into the mussel (instead of pouring on the table)

General rule is a 10-15 % loss ( save for gravy)

Whole bird add another 50% for the bones…..35 lb whole turkey/50% = 17.5-10%(1.75 lbs. liquid loss)=15.75 useable turkey meat

Boneless Turkey Roast:

Start weight 20 lbs
Cooking loss 2.5 lbs
Useable product 17.5 x 16=280 oz…portion size 6oz / 280 =46……8oz/ 280 = 35…….most give a 8z portion, so 32-42 portions per case (approz)

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