Monday, November 9, 2009

US Foodservice San Francisco Canned Tomatoes

Like the potato and eggplant, the tomato is a member of the nightshade
family, native to South America. By the time European explorers arrived in
the New World, the tomato had made its way up into Central America and
Mexico. The Spanish carried plants back home from Mexico, but it took
some time for tomatoes to be accepted in Spain, the French called them
pommes d’amour, “love apples.”

It wasn’t until the 1900s that the tomato gained popularity in the United
States. Today this fruit is one of America’s favorite “vegetables,” a
classification the government gave the tomato for trade purposes in 1893.
Dozens of tomato varieties are available today — ranging widely in size,
shape and color.

U.S. Foodservice canned tomatoes are available in various styles including
whole peeled, unpeeled, chopped, diced, chunks, strips, stewed, ground,
crushed, as sauces, as puree, as paste or as juice. Select styles may include
fresh herbs such as oregano and or basil. Our tomatoes are available
with calcium chloride (added as a firming agent) or “San Marzano Style”
(without calcium chloride) as preferred by Italian Chefs.

We select, inspect and approve on the “best quality” for our “fresh
packed” ripened tomatoes which are processed at the peak of perfection
during the heart of the harvest season. Our products are “chosen only from
selected lots” at our Processor’s and are earmarked to be labeled under
our USF brands. This “selected lot process” gives you a “consistent”
product every time you open a can. With U.S. Foodservice, you have a
reliable source of “consistent top quality” tomato products that will exceed
your expectations.

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