Saturday, May 16, 2009

Willpowder-Now Available Through US Foodservice San Francisco

Chef Will Goldfarb has spent the better part of a decade scouring the world for the best products from the worlds most innovative chefs. Whether you are an experienced chef, or novice home cook, having the best ingredients is essential. Willpowder is a careful selection of new kitchen staples. Anyone who has shopped in traditional markets knows that it is difficult to find satisfactory ingredients for baking. It is nearly impossible to find specialty technical products that home cooks would use to replicate some of the world’s most innovative dishes. Willpowder makes the experience feasible with its product line and online support network.

Spice, Willpowder, Smoked Salt, 1x1lb bag
Cold smoked over hickory in small batches using Sel Gris de Guérande coarse sea salt. The grey hue comes from its extremely high level of minerals and nutrients in the salt and from the smoking process. Adds smoky flavor to products when used as a finishing salt, mimicking the smoking process in a much lighter touch.

Spice, Willpowder, Tandoori, 1x1lb bag
Traditional East Indian spice blend produced in small batches. Gives a distinctive “oven roasted” or smoky flavor based on the traditional Indian method of clay oven cooking seasoned meats. Provides a savory contrast to sweet ingredients, and can provide a sensation of “roasting” to raw products.

Spice, Willpowder, Curry Powder, 1x1lb bag
Spice blend produced to mimic a Madras Curry. Curry Powder is an American or European blend of spices that is associated with Indian cuisines, whereas the blend of spices used in Authentic Indian cuisine is called Garam Masala. Traditional curry ingredients can include: pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, mace, turmeric, cardamom, tamarind, fennel seeds, and fenugreek.

Spice, Willpowder, Coconut Milk Powder, 1x1lb bag
Coconut Milk Powder is a unique product, spray-dried coconut milk that is shelf stable and easy to use. This product comes only from pure and freshly pressed coconut milk combined with natural stabilizers. Coconut milk powder is excellent for dry applications, confectionery items and other applications where control of viscosity is critical. It is also used as a flavoring ingredient for ice cream, yogurt, bakery products, packed food
sauces and beverages.

Spice, Willpowder, Honey Granuals, 1x1lb bag
Honey granules are free-flowing and relatively non-hygroscopic, providing increased production and handling ease. Moisture content being less than 1.5% results in a product with excellent shelf-life that does not support microbial growth. They reflect the typical characteristics of what you would expect from liquid honey without the water. They are produced via a co-crystallization process with refinery syrup (sucrose) and dried to granular form.

Spice, Willpowder, Soy Sauce Powder, 1x1lb bag
Spray dried form of high quality, naturally brewed liquid soy sauce. Maltodextrin is used as a carrier in the spray-drying process. Rich, meaty concentrated flavor and aroma. Reconstitute 1 part soy sauce powder to 1 1/3 parts water. Retains flavor during heat processing or freezing.

Spice, Willpowder, Heavy Cream Powder, 1x1lb bag
Spray dried sweet cream with 72% butterfat. Contains sweet cream, nonfat milk, sodium caseinate and anti-caking agent. Gives a rich flavor and creamy mouth feel to mixtures without adding moisture. Shelf stable dairy that can be added to products dry or be reconstituted with water or other liquids.

Spice, Willpowder, Tapioca Maltodextrin, 1x1lb bag
N-ZORBIT M is a tapioca maltodextrin derived from tapioca that has been specially designed to have a very low bulk density. It dissolves completely when in contact with any aqueous medium. This product is primarily used to increase the volume of dry mixes and frozen foods. In addition, this bland tasting maltodextrin functions excellently as a dispersant for dry ingredients in low solids preparations. Can stabilize high-fat ingredients and which can then be transformed into powders.

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