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Chef Gabriel is the Western Regional Chef for Bonewerks traveled through Monterey with Brian Isaeff, Territory Manager on the Central Coast for US Foodservice San Francisco.

Bonewerks, originally called CulinArte´, was founded in 1998 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The company offers chefs a world exclusive—a line of pure and all-natural traditional stock reductions, providing them with the luxury of having the foundations for great sauces at their fingertips.

The foundation of any great stock is the bones. Bonewerks starts with fresh bones and oven roasts them to perfection. After adding the perfect blend of fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices, our chefs carefully monitor them in Bonewerks' state-of-the-art kitchen. The process of simmering, skimming, and reducing takes more than 24 hours per batch!

Our Glace line is true to form, using only a single species of bones. They are 100% pure, all natural, with no salt, wheat-free, gluten-free, no added gelatin, no artificial coloring, no added flavors, no dairy, no extracts, fat-free, trans fat-free, and carb-free.

Reduced, first-draw stocks thickened and seasoned for convenience and consistency. Use these premium sauces as is, or add your own distinctive signature.

The finest quality lamb, pork, duckling, and beef are oven roasted and infused with our premium Classic Demi Glace then slow braised for hours to achieve a perfect profile every time.

Demi Glace de Veau Classic
Prepared with oven-roasted, special-fed veal bones, fresh mire poix and herbs. Simmered, reduced, thickened and seasoned.

This economical, ready-to-serve sauce can be turned into a signature small sauce by simply adding an ingredient such as horseradish, mushrooms or peppercorns.

Packed in a 16 LB tub.

Chef Gabriel Chatten
"My greatest passion is for the dying art of classical sauce making."

Chef Gabriel has been in the culinary industry for more than ten years, working in all aspects of the trade. After receiving his B.A. in Professional Cooking and Baking from the Baltimore International Culinary College, he left to study abroad under the tutelage of Master Chef Timmons and participated in the Junior Culinary Olympics. Upon his return to the U.S., he accepted a position at the South Seas Resort on Captiva Island where he worked as Executive Sous Chef for two years.

Looking for new challenges, Gabriel moved to Boston to work with Lydia Shire at the landmark restaurant Bibas. Now residing in San Diego, he leaves his Executive Chef position at the historic U.S. Grant Hotel to become the Western Regional Chef for Bonewerks.

Still an active member of the ACF, Gabriel continues to work towards his CCE.

Notable achievements
Member, American Culinary Federation

Earned more than 20 gold medals in American Culinary Federation competitions

Studied in Ireland with Master Chef Peter Timmons

Participant, Junior Culinary Olympics

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