Monday, May 4, 2009

A Night On Cannery Row

Just under 100 people enjoyed a family night on Cannery Row including the option of a show at IMAX theatre and dinner afterwards at Willy's Smokehouse that included appetizers,Smokehouse specialties and sides, dessert, beer, wine, and sodas.

This event for ACF members, partners, and Culinarian students-and their families attended. Chef Paul Lee emphasized that this is a focus on the "entire culinarian", incorporating family members in events too.

General Manager Dana Neikirk and his staff did a great job beginning with the passed appetizers, and continuing through the warm brownie sundaes. As he addressed the crowd explaining their dry rub, slow smoked process he asked for a show of hands on who didn't know what a beef brisket was. A good sign for the training of this group there were only 3 hands raised and those were all under 6 year olds.

Chef Abe Vickeryand his kitchen staff provided flawless service in preparing a wonderful meal for a large group of descerning eaters!

Mark Jones, ACF event coordinator who was there with his wife Kristin and two sons said, "The service was great and food outstanding! I couldn't get enough of the Brisket and Willy's homemade chili was killer! My son loved the blue soda and my little guy enjoyed the homemade chicken strips(not many places make their own!) We would like to thank everyone who attended to support ACF and to all those that couldn't make it-we look forward to seeing you next time. We have two events in the works right now and I will keep you posted. Keep an eye out for ACF, Monterey on Facebook-coming soon!"

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