Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Pitfalls of Being Fully Connected

Do you remember what we thought the world was going to look like when we were all grown up? Robots were going to do our housework, our clean burning hovercrafts would transport us around town, don’t get me started about how convenient particle transporters were going to make life? Beam me up Scotty!

Instead we run around with wireless bluetooths saying “what? What? WHAT?” People jump in on your conversations like you were talking to them. My computer beeps as it receives emails at 75 mph zipping down the freeway. Cars swerve as people text and picture message. What ever happened to simply crimping your eyelashes while driving?

Friday I walked into the OB/GYN’s office with my daughter. Doctor’s offices used to be one of those places that always requested cell phone silence. Not this office the two ladies behind the desk both had Bluetooth’s in their ears, and commented right away about “Dad bringing his work with him”. As we laughed and I explained that I was the “food sales guy” an email popped in on the computer with its telltale beep and the cell rang.

The call was from Larry King, one of my drivers and went like this:

Larry: Boy its loud there are you in a nightclub?

Me: No I’m at the doctor’s office.

Larry: What?

Me: No I’m at the doctor’s office.

Larry: The where office?

Me: I’m at the OB/GYN.
Larry (father of two teenage boys) sounds perplexed and the ladies in the office are now chuckling.

Larry: I have an invoice with two cases of two different olive oils, was this supposed to deliver today?

Me: Oh the blend and the extra virgin?
The ladies in the office lose it now, all heads in the office turn and a grey haired gentleman says “what do you sell again?”

One of the ladies behind the counter asks me “so you sell condiments” and I respond condom mints? I sell all kinds of mints. (be Dum Dum)

You gotta take the moments when you can get them!

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