Saturday, December 26, 2009

Preserved Meyer Lemons

I was canning away the other day putting up pickles and spicy pickled green beans, carrots, and daikon. Somewhere I stumbled across a recipe for a spicy crab pasta with preserved meyer lemons. Sounded good so I had to google around and find preserved lemons. It's incredibly simple, lemon, lemon juice and salt are your only ingredients- and then a little time for everything to mingle.

3 pint jars
Kosher salt
6 lemons
extra lemon juice.

Sterilize jars then add about 2 tblsp of kosher salt to the bottom.
Wash lemons and scrub well.
Cut lemons almost through into quarters.
Squeeze out as much juice from the lemon into a bowl and reserve.
Salt the lemon inside and out and stuff in jars.
Top with lemon juice until 1/4" to the top of jar and seal.
Steam can 20 minutes to seal.
It takes about 4-6 weeks before you can use your lemons.

Here is a list of recipes for preserved meyer lemons.

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Does Mark Huber know how to preserve lemons?

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