Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You Can Lick Our Chops, But You Can't Beat Our Meat

This was one of my customers from back in the “old days” when I worked up in the San Francisco East Bay. Kinders, at that time was a second generation family business. Their specialty was the Beef Ball Tip steak. The Ball tip is the cut of meat that sits right up next to the tri tip on the sirloin of the animal. It is a round-ish piece of meat that fits in the divot that you see on the whole sirloin tri tip cut. Back in 95’ when they were my customer they were selling about 125,000/lbs of ball tip a year (or about 2000 cases) from their single location. Dan Kinder, the owner was a bit on the gruff side, it was the kind of account where I would walk in and he would flip the bird at me, we would swear back and forth and then go into his office and do the order underneath a mounted buffalo head.

In around 97or 98 Dan’s ex-wife Paula and his oldest son Justin opened the second store and they are now a franchise with 15 locations.

Dan continues in the biz, and participates regularly in rib cookoffs. One side note of interest, they were the caterers for the Oakland Raiders and fed the team before Super Bowl XXXVII Raiders v Bucs-there is a direct correlation, at least in my mind, between Dan’s BBQ and the Raider’s sluggish play.

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