Thursday, June 4, 2009

Server Dessert Sales Training

Not just during tough economic times, but anytime restaurateurs need to keep their staff motivated to upsell and increase check averages.

Sweet Street Desserts Ready For Tasting

It is a benefit for the business and the server.
Yet as simple as that sounds, we all need to step back and refocus on the basics from time to time.

"Let Them Eat Cake"-The Staff At Old Town Bar And Grill In Salinas Tastes And Rates The Desserts, You Have To Know What You Are Selling

With that in mind Brian Isaeff, Territory Manager for US Foodservice San Francisco and Bill Cox, of Lad Foodservice were on the Central Coast doing server training at some local establishments

According to Bill:

99.3% of patrons frequent an establishment more frequently when highly satisfied.
96.5% of patrons always or will often recommend a restaurant if they are highly satisfied.
40% of patrons say they are more satisfied with their dining experience when they order dessert.

96% of patrons are influenced to buy because their favorite dessert is on the menu
75% of consumers say that the price of desserts does not influence their decision whether or not to order a dessert.

Check out more about dessert sales strategies at Bill's Foodie Blog

About Sweet Street Desserts

Founded in 1979 by Sandy Solmon, Sweet Street Desserts offers more than 100 products each made with only the finest ingredients.

They see their products as an art form, and Chef’s rate them number 1 in both taste and appearance.

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