Wednesday, June 10, 2009

European Kumato Tomato Hits North American Shores

Mastronardi Produce under the SUNSET brand has introduced the European Kumato Tomato, a unique brown variety, to retailers across North America. In spite of an unusual appearance suggesting unripeness, this type of tomato has an intense, savory taste, as well as being juicy with a firm texture, making it a good choice for salads, hors d’oeuvres and many other tomato-based recipes, according to Kingville, Ontario-based Mastronardi, which in addition to gourmet tomatoes, produces peppers and cucumbers. Additionally, the Kumato’s label features a ripeness chart to show customers at what stage of color the tomato is best to be eaten.

Grown near pristine Point Pelee National Park using the state of the art European technology, SUNSET is one of the largest glass and plastic greenhouse operations in the world. Our hydroponic vegetables are grown in a biologically controlled, herbicide-free environment. Bumblebees and ladybugs are just a few of our greenhouse team players.

Check out the history page a for more about the Mastronardi families long history.

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