Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Letter Of Recommendation From Dorothy Maras-Ildez

U.S. Foodservice has a valuable asset in their local sales demon, Brian Isaeff. This guy is the epitome of what a good sales rep should be – cheerful, patient, funny, patient, smart, patient, knows-his-products, patient and did I mention…patient?

U.S. Foodservice and their point man, Brian, are the logistics wizards behind keeping all of those folks who come here for the AT&T, The Concours and the upcoming Pebble Beach Food and Wine Event (April 16-19, tickets on sale now www.pebblebeach foodandwine.com) supplied with whatever they need whenever they need it.

You may have seen the rows of U.S. Foodservice’s large refrigerated trailers parked on the outskirts of these events. Take a closer look and you’ll see good ol’ Brian running around doing an impression of some of the headless poultry he sells, with a cell phone, walkie-talkie and Blackberry dangling off of every limb of his body.

While Brian might occasionally misplace a thing or two from an order of a thousand different items, he never forgets his patient smile and who his customers are. Kudos to U.S. Foodservice for the outstanding level of service they afford these large events that in turn, give so much to local charities on a yearly basis. It takes all of us working in concert to make these events and the charitable income they generate happen. It wouldn’t be possible and it certainly wouldn’t be nearly as pleasant without folks like Brian Isaeff .

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