Thursday, March 19, 2009

California Polystyrene Bans

Comprehensive Polystyrene Bans

Santa Monica, Calif.—Effective February 2007
Millbrae, Calif.—Adopted September 2007
Monterey, Calif.—Adopted February 2009
Laguna Beach, Calif.—Adopted December 2007; Effective July 1, 2008
Rahway, N.J.—Adopted December 1996
Suffolk County, N.Y.—Enacted in 1988
West Hollywood, Calif.—Adopted 1990
Seattle, Wash.—Effective July 2010
Alameda, Calif.—Enacted January 2008
Carmel, Calif.—Adopted 1989
Berkeley, Calif.—Adopted January 1990
Portland, Ore.—Adopted January 1990
Freeport, Maine—Adopted January 1990
Fairfax, Calif.—Adopted in 1993
Malibu, Calif.—Adopted February 2005
Emeryville, Calif.—Adopted March 2006
Oakland, Calif.—Adopted June 2006
San Francisco, Calif.—Adopted November 2006
Capitola, Calif.—Adopted December 2006
Calabasas, Calif.—Effective July 1, 2007
Santa Cruz County, Calif.—Enacted January 2008
Pacific Grove, Calif.—Adopted May 2008
Hercules, Calif.—Adopted May 2008
Scotts Valley, Calif.—Adopted June 2008; Effective June 17, 2009
Santa Cruz, Calif.—Adopted January 2008
San Bruno, Calif.—adopted Feb. 2009; implementation April 2010, subject to further review
Newport Beach, Calif.—Adopted October 14, 2008; Effective April 29, 2009

Partial Bans

Sonoma County, Calif.—Adopted June 1989
Pittsburg, Calif.—Enacted 1991
San Juan Capistrano, Calif.—Adopted April 2004
San Clemente, Calif.—Adopted March 2004
Laguna Woods, Calif.—Adopted May 2004
Aliso Viejo, Calif.—Adopted June 2004
Ventura County, Calif.—Adopted October 2004
Huntington Beach, Calif.—Adopted January 2005
Los Angeles, Calif.—As of July 22, 2008
San Mateo County, Calif.—Enacted April 22,2008

Cities and Counties Considering EPS Bans

Burbank, Calif.—As of October 14, 2008, Council is considering ban on Styrofoam.
Long Beach, Calif.—As of April 2008, proposing to ban EPS at city facilities.
Los Angeles County, Calif.—As of June 2008, proposes EPS ban at all county facilities in phase I and investigating feasibility of expanding ban to all retailers for phase 2.
Riverbank, Calif. (Stanislaus County)—As of October 2008, proposing to ban all Styrofoam takeout containers at fast-food restaurants.
Marina, Calif. (Monterey County)—New Green Party mayor is proposing a ban on polystyrene.


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