Monday, August 27, 2007

The Weekend

Transitions happen all the time, some are insignificant, some seem more significant than others.

I turned 40 this year and my 20 year old told me that was significant, but it wasn't to me. I asked her "what can you do at 40 that you can't do at 21?" Nothing right? At 40 and one half though I have found you get more out of life. More balding, more belly, and so on! Well instead of working to be the life of the party, old guys have to be working out more.

Speaking of work, after 2 weeks without a break, I took Saturday off. My 13 year old was camping, my 14 year old was out with her mom so I took the dogs and we went hiking up in the former Fort Ord. The trails are wide the ascent is gradual for the most part. I think you can go from 70' above sea level to 300'. These trails are dog friendly-no leash law- and Bear and George made some new friends. I have to say I ran them ragged (while walking that is, you look good when your dogs are normally couch potatoes).

When I got home I started on a cooking binge. Lasagna, smoked chicken thighs, and smoked pork two ways (recipes below). These are multi-day meals to allow for interference from real life. I already know we have a parent meeting, the second-monthly- business Shin-Dig at the Mucky Duck, a cross country meet, and I can guarantee one night I just won't want to cook at all.

Several personal events occured this past couple weeks in the midst of all the work events. We had a "family reunion" of sorts Concours weekend. My cousins held a 40 year wedding anniversary/surprise party for their parents. We got together with family we haven't seen in 7 years. (Actually there was a couple there I haven't seen since 1981). It was all the same though albeit lighter alcohol, and you had to repeat yourself alot to be heard.

After the party Trisha my 20 year old left to her mom's house. The following day while I was back at Equipment Central at Pebble Beach for the big day at Concours she flew into Texas, and then on to Florida. One week of vacation and then she starts school at Bob Jones University in South Carolina. 5 quarters she is planning on being out there. It seems like she has been around for like 20 years or something..strange that she is gone!

Tim showed up briefly (he doesn't like social up late leave early). He brought his girlfriend Jasmine and they had to put up with all kinds of honest/uncomfortable questions about school, work, and life in general. Mainly from the Colorado Tim, that's my brother in law, who is retired Army and now works for the Department of Homeland Security. Tim's new position is called something like "Assistant Director of Future Operations", if I'm not mistaken. He gets to worry about hurricanes, missles, bird flu, and whatever else can enter our borders. I can still remember him as the long haired kid that was dating my older sister-who used to wake me up to help push start his GTO so that he could go home after bringing her home from their date. My Tim probably see's him as retired Army and the Assistant Director of Future Operations, the crawl inside of me why don't you leave me alone and quit asking questions Uncle Tim.

Tuesday one of my few friends that is still alive came down to vacation in Carmel for a few days, with her family. Heller "Wheels" Stanton, and I were on the Bonnie Brae Barracudas swim team from 3rd grade on. She was sure to remind me (in front of my kids)as to what a putz I was growing up. For her part she married to a great guy..Dan Stanton and has two great young sons. Jakob is 5 and Soren is 2. I learned alot about Star Wars over pizza at Gianni's. And Soren and I had a pretty good game of Peek-A-Boo going on.

I'm off to put the simmering smoke pork butt in the fridge and finish the dishes. I hope the next few weeks are as much fun as the last few!

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