Sunday, August 5, 2007

US Foodservice, We Do It Right

I am pleased to announce that US Foodservice-San Francisco has been designated a
Certified Operations Excellence Division. This is only the third such award within our Company. This award recognizes the high standards of excellence in 102 different
metrics across all functional areas. San Francisco achieved this level of excellence
through the implementation of new technology and the demonstrated pattern of excellent results from many new initiatives. You have heard many of the names; Red Prairie,Truckbuilder, Xata, Roadnet, EOQ, FuelQuest, and many more.

The certification process involved a three day review by managers from the two other
certified divisions, the Regional VP of Operations, the VP of Operations Excellence and the Executive Vice president of USF. The process is rigorous and extremely thorough. The business case for becoming a Certified Operations Excellence Division is to drive improvements in customer service, productivity, safety and sustainability.

Tom VanOrman, Vice President of Operations played the key role for San Francisco.
Tom and all of our managers and supervisors in Operations, and in every other
department also invested great amounts of time and energy into the implementation.

I am confident our customers will benefit from the continued quality improvement in our service. I am also certain U.S. Foodservice will reap the rewards of this high standard of excellence for many years to come.


Phil Collins

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