Monday, July 23, 2007

Smoke Roma and Pacific Jade Asian Specialties

On Friday July 20th PFN was on hand for a behind the scenes look at the new BBQ menu at Sticks Restaurant at the Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach. Sticks is also know as the 19th hole, for fun food And sports. The menu features bbq ribs, pastrami sandwiches, burgers, fire broiled salmon and more. Now through July and August just follow the smoke as Chef Ted Consoli fires up the wood grilled bbq on the back porch.

We were in time to find Gil Takemori of Western Freezers Specialty Equipment trying to size Chef Perry up for a Bar-B-Q Boss(R)Pressure Smoker.

About an hour to perfection!Hickory or Mesquite wood chips put into charring cup (no liquid concoctions or artificial smoke)
Meat is seasoned with The Boss's special one step prep and placed on rack top is clamped in place and timer set. No skilled labor is needed. The Boss needs no attention during cooking cycle.

During the cooking process, moisture from the meat creates pressure which drives the smoke all through the meat. At the same time, the meat is cooked and browned.
Delicious tender 'n juicy barbeque is removed from the cooker.
Barbeque is prepared for serving.

The Pressure smoker has been used in kitchens at the Outback Steakhouse chain among others to take a smoking operation that used to take 16 hours down to just a an hour or two. There is no plumbing required, it is fully automatic, and normally does not require any venting or hood.

Next Bill Cox of Lad Foodservice stepped into the smoke to offer up some new asian items from Pacific Jade.

You have seen Pacific Jade before as we reviewed thier Gourmet Egg Rolls (see Dial-A-Special or Fantastic Products Label for a review). Today Bill had two of their newest additions General Tsao Chicken and Sauce Kit, and Orange Chicken and Sauce Kit.

Both cooked and flash frozen entrees come packed in a 12lb box. The battered and fried chicken chunks can be ovened or fried and served with the premade sauce packets that are enclosed for a quick simple authentic meal.

USPN# 187221 General Tsao Chicken and Sauce Kit Packed 12 Lb case
Battered and fried dark meat chicken nuggets with a ginger, garlic, sesame oil, scallion and hot chili pepper sauce.

USPN# 187238 Orange Chicken and Sauce Kit Packed 12 Lb case
Battered and fried, chopped chicken nuggets with a spicy and sweet orange-flavored chili sauce.

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Gil Takemori said...

Your blog is just terrific! Thanks for the plug on the BBQ Boss units and please let me know if I can offer your customers a demo sometime. It really does do a great job and will make somebody very happy and a lot more profitable. I don't know if I told you this but a small chain called Moe's BBQ (Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Chico and Huntington Beach locations) uses these and sells, get this, $10k a day in BBQ on big weekends.

Thanks again for your generous praise and mention in your really great blog site. I hope we can assist you again sometime soon.

Best regards,

Gil Takemori
Western Freezers Specialty Equipment