Monday, July 9, 2007

Department of Defense To Buy Chicken Scraps For Fuel

DoD to buy fuel made from fat provided by Tyson
By Janie Gabbett on 7/10/2007 for

Syntroleum Corp. said it signed a contact to deliver 500 gallons of synthetic jet fuel to the Department of Defense made entirely from fats supplied by Springdale, Ark.-based Tyson Foods Inc. Syntroleum will provide the renewable fuel for DoD to evaluate as part of a larger program aimed at long-term prospects for manufacturing synthetic aviation fuels.The U.S. Air Force wants to source 50 percent of its fuel needs from domestic alternative sources by 2016, and plans to certify its entire fleet of aircraft for alternative fuel use by 2010, Syntroleum said in a statement. The DoD contract follows Syntroleum's agreement with Tyson to set up a $150 million plant to produce fuel from animal fat.

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