Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday I picked up Greg Troutman from Hoffmaster and Mark Calestini of M & D Sales for a ride along through Monterey and Pebble Beach.

Hoffmaster's New Napa Tote
Napa Valley Tote
1 - 16 ct. Napa Valley Luncheon Napkins 13"x13" 3Ply
1 -16 ct. Napa Valley Beverage Napkins 10"x10" 3Ply
1 - 8 ct. Napa Valley 7" Paper Plates
1 - 8 ct. 7" Napa Valley Paper Plates
1 - 8 ct. 9" Napa Valley Paper Plates
1 - 16 ct. 4" Napa Valley Coasters
1 - 1 ct. Napa Valley Table Accent 33"x33"
1 - 1 ct. Napa Valley Plastic Tray 7"x10"
1 - 6 ct. Plastic Wine Glasses
Heavyweight Cutlery, 8 of each piece of Forks, Spoons & Knives

One of the hot new items is this pre-packed Napa Totes. Available sometime around May 1st it is "picnic ready". I'm seeing this as a hot item for hotels, spas, caterers. Add wine and cheese and it's ready to go for a group outing.

Another item that has been around for awhile but is under appreciated it the Caterwrap pre-rolled cutlery.

Pre-rolled Napkin & Cutlery 100 Per Case
17"x17" White Dinner Napkin
Heavyweight Black Cutlery

Takes the work out of upscale offsite catering or banquets by offering grab and go convenience. Of course Hoffmaster will completely dress out your tables while you concentrate on your culinary masterpiece.

Although we didn't spend much (any time) on it this trip, Mark also handles the GSD packaging line much better known as Bio-pak and Fold-pak containers. Great for catering and gift boxes.

Now I was really impressed by the totes mentioned above, until I went to the Hoffmaster website and found the "Black light" party items! Thats right they offer custom print Placemat, 17x17 napkins and 10x10 napkins with a psychadelic blacklight feature. Look out blacklight bowling alley's and Ocean's 18 Golf..I ordered my samples today!

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