Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bernardi Pasta

In May Bill Cox from Lad Foodservice was in Monterey showing, among other things, the new jumbo ravioli’s from Bernardi Pasta.

Bernardi, a brand of Windsor Foods, is a maker of frozen Italian specialties that include these fantastic raviolis.

On this day Bill was showing the Jumbo Crab, Jumbo Striped Eggplant, and the Jumbo Striped Cheese.

In a cutting at the Beach and Tennis Club at Pebble Beach with Chef Benjamin Brown we found the product to be large enough for a great plate presentation. All three items presented

Chef Benjamin Brown and Bill Cox in The Beach Club Kitchen

very well with their rich colors that don’t fade after cooking. The filling was plentiful, with large chunks of Rock Crab clearly visible when cutting the Crab ravioli. There was a rich flavor to the Eggplant ravioli.

Overall the product cut very well with the fresh pasta that the Chef purchases currently.

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