Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kraft Foodservice

Tuesday morning Diana Garza of Kraft Foodservice was in town to help our customers earn more money. With her bundled savings offers she showed several customers how to earn from $20.00 to $500.00 in rebates on cream cheese alone.

In addition to customer rebates, incidently, has some fantastic customer tools and business services. From the site customers can order much of the Point of Sale tools, and read up on industry trends. Be sure and read about what Kraft is giving back in terms culinary programs and sponsorships. This is a great company with which to do business.

Diana also had some new product lines including the:

Kraft dressing line 1.5 oz. packets give customers just the right amount of dressing. Available in 5 new flavors; Signature Balsamic Vinaigrette, Signature Creamy Caesar, Catalina, Honey Mustard, and Light Done Right Ranch.

Kraft Snacks including Planters 2 oz trail mix packs. Fruit and Nut, Nut and Chocolate, and Cajun Mix.

Of course all of the portion packed items that Diana showed had corresponding table top or hanging racks for display and storage.

Diana left me with samples of the another new item. (Probably the last time she will leave me with a sample) This was the "New"

TANG Sport fitness Drink Mix with electrolytes provides a refreshing beverage option for active people. A perfect way to hydrate, TANG Sport helps replenish electrolytes that may be lost during physical activity. These electrolytes also help maintain fluid levels by stimualting thirst and encouraging voluntary drinking.

- Packaged in a convinient stick pack.
- Available in two refreshing flavors, Lemon Lime and Fruit Punch.
- Has zero calories per serving and is sugar free.
- Fortified with vitamin E, vitamin B6, niacin and riboflavin.
- Contains a full day's supply of vitamin C per serving.

I couldn't help myself, and I appologize Diana. Every customer I sampled these too I introduced them as the "drink every female Astronaut carries in her car while driving 900 miles across country, wearing an Astronaut diaper, on her way to kidnap her fellow female Astronauts."

I was only joking but I did recieve an email later from someone purporting to be with a Florida impound lot that recieved the Astronauts car..and this picture of the drink holder was attached.

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