Saturday, March 17, 2007

Brian Meier’s Top 10 Reasons for you to buy portion cut Stockyards steaks

1) Portion cut steaks offer consistency in size. When you order a 10 ounce center cut New York strip steak – you are delivered a 10 ounce center cut New York strip steak.
2) Portion cut steaks can be custom cut to your desired specifications. If your customer wants a bone in New York but don’t have a band saw to cut them – our Stock Yards fresh cut steak program can cut them consistently – every time!
3) Portion cut steaks thru our Stock Yards program are aged to perfection. Most sub-primal cuts are brought to distribution facilities with very minimal aging (3-7 days after slaughter) and are quickly sold to the end user. This does not give the beef sufficient time to age (break down the enzymes in the meat to make it more tender). Chefs and consumers alike will notice the distinct taste of a properly aged steak over a commodity cut steak.
4) Portion cut steaks deliver value. When you cut a Filet Mignon out of a tenderloin, what do you do with all the fat off of the side muscle? By the time a steak is ready to cook and put on the plate after trimming, it is conceivable they could lose up to 40% in trim. Stock Yards portion controlled steaks deliver ready to use product with 100% yield.
5) Portion controlled steaks offer an exact plate cost. When ordering a portion cut steak, you know the exact price per portion. This can help you gauge menu price to your customer for maximum and consistent profitability and plate costing.
6) Portion controlled steaks offer inventory control. When a customer orders a case of 20 x 8 ounce fillets, they will always receive 20 steaks per case. This helps to maintain inventory control over waste or theft.
7) Portion controlled steaks are offered in small box format. You no longer have to order a 60 lb case of New York’s to cut steaks from. Portion cut steaks can significantly reduce the possibility of lifting injuries.
8) Portion cut steaks take the knife out of the cook’s hand. Reduce the possibility of injury due to cutting the steaks yourself. Why give more money to workmen’s compensation insurance?
9) Portioned controlled steaks reduce labor. Whether doing large banquets for 200 people or serving dinner for 20 people, having a professional meat cutter portion the steaks for you can cut down on labor costs.
10) Portion cut steaks offer a variety of grades to choose from. Stock Yards Upper 2/3 Reserve, Stock Yards Choice, 1893 Select, and N/R brands all offer the quality and consistency within their respective grade tiers that our customers have come to expect from a premium meat company.

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