Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tabiko Cavier Now In Stock At US Foodservice SF

The small roe (eggs) harvested from flying fish. Orange in color which is the natural color of this caviar, Tobiko is slightly sweet in flavor with a mild salty overtone. It has become popular caviar to season with a variety of different flavors, also adding different colorings to identify intensities and types of various flavors. As an example, the yellow colored Tobiko typically has a ginger flavor; the orange and black have a somewhat salty flavor (the black being colored with squid ink); the light green version is flavored with Wasabi for a mildly spicy flavor while a darker green denotes a more intense jalapeno flavor; and the red is often flavored with chili pepper seasoning to add a spiciness in flavor.

Versatile in use, Tobiko Caviar has a texture that is semi-hard which does not soften and change when added to sauces, dressings or other liquid-based ingredients. The color and texture are quite stable and retained to add to not only an enhancing appearance to various foods but also a crunchy consistency. Tobiko goes well as a topping for cheese and crackers, as a garnish for sushi, crab cakes, cheese, and other appetizer selections. Since it is small and hardy, it can be frozen and refrozen to preserve it for future use.

Tobico Capelin Caviar Wasabi USPN#1474956

Wasabi Tobico is a fiery addition to any Wasabi sushi dish.

Flavored flying fish roe is a fundamental eye-catching accompaniment of professional sushi preparations and the home connoisseurs. These bright berries are perfect as an addition to sushi and canap├ęs garnish and add a kick sure to delight.

Origin: Iceland
Storage: refrigerated, frozen
Shelf Life: 1 month refrigerated, 6 months frozen

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