Thursday, January 21, 2010

Montrio Bistro Fires Up New Wood Oven

Friday at 11am their facebook page broke the news for Montrio Bistro "We just got our new wood fired oven, it's cured and ready to go! What will Chef Baker make for dinner?!

Tony Baker ran the oven for the last two nights. Lot of fun, finding out that almost their entire menu could go through the oven if he so desired. Chef Tony's favorites were the pork belly, cippolini onions and artichokes in a cast iron pan with Yorkshire pudding batter topped with Point Reyes blue cheese.

Saturday night you could hear the excitement as he cooked up a bloody storm! "I love my new wood oven, it ran all day today and roasted cippolinis, CA Lamb Rack, Diver Scallops, Pork Belly, Bread Pudding to name but a few things. The versatility of this oven is amazing. I'll be testing a number of dishes over the coming days and weeks, so don't... be surprised if I drop something on your table to taste! Cheers, Chef TB"

When Tony is dropping goodies at your table, you don't want to miss it. Get into Montrio and enjoy this new dimension of cooking in their kitchen.

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