Wednesday, August 5, 2009

US Foodservice San Franciso Feeds Clean Up Expedition

U.S. Foodservice-San Francisco, the local office of a national food distributor, provided meals for the Project Kaisei, a 30-day expedition that set sail Tuesday from Sausalito to study a mass of trash in the Pacific Ocean known as the “Plastic Vortex” or the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

The 25-person crew includes scientists who will collect samples of trash, test levels of toxicity in the water and analyze marine to figure out how the mass of trash can be recycled. The Plastic Vortex is an area of ocean where an estimated 3.5 tons of garbage has been clumped together and suspended by currents.

U.S. Foodservice, a firm certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program, provided the food for the mission at cost. The company set up a menu for three meals a day with dishes such as beef burritos and scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast, deli sandwiches for lunch and Philly cheese steaks and stuffed green peppers with rice for dinner.

U.S. Foodservice also furnished the crew with biodegradable supplies such as napkins made from sugar cane, compostable poly gloves and cups made from corn starch.
“We’re proud to offer sustainable product lines that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and be a better corporate neighbor in the Bay Area,” said Phil Collins, president of U.S. Foodservice-San Francisco.

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