Sunday, December 2, 2007

Specialty Product Items Available Now! (Or within 4 days)

Here are a few items now available. Please make sure you give us at least 48-72 hours to track the product down for you.

Scaloppini Squash - from Mexico. Packed in 15# cartons and sizes are fancy, x-fancy and mediums

Maui Onions - from Hawaii, small shipments arriving weekly. Very expensive

Veggie Sweet Peppers - from Baja, are in full swing. Supplies are plentiful.

Mediterranean Sweet Lemons (AKA Sweet Limes, even though yellow like a lemon) - from California.
25 lb. carton. Available for a few more weeks, please pre-order.

Meyer Lemons - Packed in 18# and 38# cartons as well as 12/1# mesh bags. Good supplies

Organic Klamath Pearl® and Klamath Ruby® Potatoes- out of Klamath Falls, OR are here. Amazing
flavor. Pearls available in 10/2 lb. mesh bags. Ruby in 50# bulk only.

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