Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Domestic Cheese Sold To Tony's Fine Foods, Molinari Discontinued

As of October 26th Domestic Cheese has closed down, they were bought by Tony’s Fine Foods of Sacramento. Tony’s has decided not to continue to carry the Molinari line of fine products on a weekly basis Domestic Cheese used to buy 4 pallets per week. That translates to 4000-6000 lbs of Molinari products that are not out on the streets.

Founded in 1896, Molinari & Sons has carried on the traditional Italian art of sausage-making in the cool climate of San Francisco. Through four generations, the Molinari family has provided Americans with the finest in salamis and Italian sausages of all types. As a family-owned business, P.G. Molinari and Sons continues the tradition of quality products and service.

Fourteen year old P.G. Molinari arrived in San Francisco in 1884, an immigrant from the Piedmont region of Italy. He went to work in the first salami factory established in San Francisco, A Chiesa, where he became a foreman. He opened his first store in 1896.

P.G.'s son Frank entered the business as a partner after WWI, and his brother Angelo joined his father and brother a few years later.

After P.G. retired in 1950, Frank's son in law, Peter Giorgi, joined the business. And in 1978 P.G.'s great grandson Frank Giorgi entered the business after graduation from the University of California, Berkeley.

The 1962 move from North Beach to 1401 Yosemite Street allowed Molinari & Sons to expand and improve their manufacturing capabilities with larger drying rooms and freezer facilities. The traditional art of salami manufacturing has been maintained at Molinari, even though the technology has been modernized and changed.

While the Molinari Company has expanded and manufacturing processes have been modernized, the company's commitment to it's traditional products has ensured that it's reputation for quality has remained consistent throughout the years.
Their manufacturing process is meticulous. Every product goes through a step by step process that has been proven through centuries of tradition. They use only the best quality beef and pork cuts available to manufacture our products and it shows.
US Foodservice of San Francisco carries in stock 7 Molinari products with another 12 items available with advance order.

In Stock Ready To Ship

Prod Nbr Product Description Pack Size Brand
150367 Bacon, Pork Pancetta Ref 2 Pieces 2/4 Lba Molinari's
6367684 Mortadella, Sausage Whole Ref 7.5 Lba Molinari's
147066 Salami, Jumbo Wrapped Box Ref 2/4 Lba Molinari's
213736 Sausage, Italian Salsiccia Link 5:1 Frozen 2/5 Lba Molinari's
149948 Sausage, Italian Sicilian Sweet Bulk Fresh-to-frozen 3/10 Lb Molinari's
355750 Sausage, Italian Sicilian Sweet Link 5:1 Frozen 2/5 Lba Molinari's
213728 Sausage, Link 5:1 Italian Calabrese Style Raw Frozen 2/5 Lba Molinari's

Please Order In Advance

Prod Nbr Product Description Pack Size Brand
324590 Ham, Prosciutto Di Parma Ref Frantelli Galloni Pork 2/16 Lba Molinari's
4480018 Pepperoni, Stick 3.5" Diameter Ref 10/3 Lba Molinari's
598409 Salami, Hot Salametti Secchi 4/5 Lba Molinari's
323329 Salami, Italian Soppressata Fresh-to-frozen 2/4 Lba Molinari's
525600 Salami, Jumbo Ref W/display Box 10/13 Oz Molinari's
663989 Salami, Jumbo Wrapped Box Ref 7/2 Lb Molinari's
201608 Salami, Stick Cotto Ref 8 Lba Molinari's
201616 Salami, Stick Toscano Ref 2/4 Lba Molinari's
152850 Sausage, Coppa Hot Dry Ref 14/2 Lba Molinari's
295568 Sausage, Coppa Hot Dry Ref 2/2 Lba Molinari's
927285 Sausage, Coppa Mild Dry Ref 2/2 Lba Molinari's
462689 Sausage, Italian Calabrese Style Raw Bulk Frozen 10 Lba Molinari's

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