Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Center of the Plate Tour 2007: Tour of Lusamerica Seafood Plant in Morgan Hill

The tour began around 10am at the Lusamerica Foods processing plant in Morgan Hill. On hand were Center of the Plate Specialists Brian Meier, Rich Bravo, and Steven Salle, Seafood buyer Brian Flaherty,and Brian Isaeff, Territory Manager US Foodservice San Francisco. The hosts were Jonathon Frederico and Tim DeCaminada.

Lusamerica Foods was founded in 1975. Initially, a small importer of specialty foods, Lusamerica slowly evolved into the seafood distribution industry. From its humble beginnings in the mid 70’s, Lusamerica grew steadily, relying on scarce financial resources and the dedication and perseverance of a handful of extremely dedicated employees.

Lusamerica out-hustled the competition by combing the piers, in the early morning hours, looking for the freshest available seafood in order to provide superior quality, service and price.

Today, much has changed in the industry, but the same principles of quality, price and service established in those early days, still drive the organization today. Lusamerica now features a full line of fresh and frozen products, acquired locally and flown daily from all over the world, 6 days a week delivery service and 7 days a week sales office support. With over 40 trucks, tractors, and trailers, equipped with the latest in refrigeration technology that blankets the entire bay area and beyond, Lusamerica is able to expeditiously respond to its customer’s needs. Lusamerica also maintains a comprehensive food safety program, that is independently monitored and certified, in order to provide a wholesome product of superior quality.

Lusamerica has built the necessary infrastructures, based on superior service, and is now poised to maintain and enhance its position in the industry as the "Ultimate in Quality Seafood"

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