Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Update the Kid's Menu?

There are a number of reasons why a strong kid's menu is a great business decision for a restaurant.

Kids influence more than 55% of dining out decisions.

Parties with kids account for 1/3 of all dining out occasions.

For parties with kids, the major motivating factor in restaurant choice was friendly service scoring 86 out of 100. Specifically, parents appreciate when servers address their kids directly.

More importantly parties with Kids Have Significantly Higher Check Averages. Overall parties with kids checks are 83% higher than adult only parties.

1. Chicken Fingers
2. Pizza
3. Mac & Cheese
4. Hamburger
5. Grilled Cheese
6. Hot Dog
7. Spaghetti
8. Quesadilla
9. Steak
10. Grilled Chicken

If you haven't looked over your kid's menu in a while, it might be time.

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